Biographie de Jaqueline Fontaine

She was born at Tours (France) in 1926

  • Studies at the National School of the Fine arts of Tours in 1942 - 1943.
  • Pupil of the painter Jacky CLAVEAU in 1986.

From 1989, she discovers her passion for the watercolor, and confines herself exclusively to this technique. The quality of her works is worth to her numerous awards in group exhibitions..

  • Great finalist in Salon de Deauville, Cannes and Ypres. Gold Medal in Tours and numerous awards in the Centre region.
  • Selected at the International Exhibition of Painting Water Tregastel and International Exhibition of Watercolor of Uckange.
  • Award of the Free City Old Thouars. First Audience Award of the city of Le Mans.
  • Expose to the Exhibition Centre of the French Artists.
  • Exhibition Centre Violet in Paris.
  • Winter Art Exhibitions in Paris.
  • Member of the Winter lounge of Paris.
  • Vice-President of Chevalet de Touraine.